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The 3Rio project is a follow up project to the NCSA, under the UNDP-GEF Cross-cutting capacity development (CCCD) programme. The project developers chose to focus on one specific common capacity building issue, Knowledge and Information Management (blue in Table 1); a topic that is a requirement under each of the conventions: ‘Capacities of individuals and organizations to research, acquire, communicate, educate and make use of pertinent information to be able to diagnose and understand global environmental problems and potential solutions’. The project also contains some substantive cross-cutting issues: a pilot is foreseen on economic valuation of ecosystems and natural resources in a landscape management setting.

The idea of the 3Rio project is to create synergies in the efforts of each convention focal point and their subject stakeholders in setting up a harmonized and coordinated knowledge and information management system that will help each of the focal points to do their required convention reporting, but also provide the necessary baselining, monitoring and evaluation information for planning for, decision making on and reporting on sustainable development and green growth issues. The substantive issues that were treated earlier will also find their way into the 3Rio set up, where pilot projects have been foreseen to try out the Environmental Knowledge and Information System in a local landscape management setting, including economic valuation. The pilots will help in determining the need and value of synergistic approaches according to Figure 2 (above). 

Future promotion of synergies

In a Joint Statement published by the Executive Secretaries of the Rio Conventions on 06 November 2017, the ES of the conventions are calling for the establishment of a Project Preparation Facility (PPF) to increase financing for large-scale, transformative projects which integrate action on land degradation, biodiversity loss, and global warming.  The new Project Preparation Facility is supposed to bridge this gap and promote an integrated, coherent and multi-disciplinary approach to these related issues while supporting the respective mandates of the three Rio Conventions. It would specifically support the development and preparation of large-scale, financially-viable project or programme proposals on these common issues, to be funded from a variety of sources, that generate these multiple, synergistic benefits and support the combined implementation of the Rio Conventions as well as contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in an integrated manner.

This Facility will become a key vehicle to help joint delivery on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the Land Degradation Neutrality targets, and the Nationally Determined Contributions and National Adaptation Plans to address climate change. As such, the Facility will not only contribute to filling the gap between needs and funding, but it will also act as a catalyst for more coordinated action and enhanced capacity, so that the Rio Conventions can deliver as one and support the achievement of sustainable development for all.

Cambodia will strive to make use of the PPF for further development of its capacity building strategy and promote synergy between the convention focal point activities in Cambodia.


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